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VEF KVARTĀLS, Ūnijas iela 8, Rīga
Phone: +371 2566 6199

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Conference facilities:

Halls: 3

Discover a diverse range of rental spaces within the historic VEF factory complex, perfect for hosting creative and contemporary cultural events at VEF QUARTER.

VEF QUARTER meticulously restores the historic VEF factory buildings and grounds, paying homage to their industrial heritage while creating a modern environment that caters to business activities, innovative thinking, and contemporary cultural events.

We extend a warm invitation to make the most of this unique blend of historical charm and modern amenities for celebrating festivities and hosting a variety of events, including concerts, conferences, street-food markets, exhibitions, and creative gatherings.

For larger-scale events, our outdoor space, the beautifully landscaped VEF Promenade nestled among the historic walls, can accommodate up to 2.5 thousand guests. Additionally, we offer the industrial VEF VASARNĪCA (Summer house)  hall, spacious 600 m2 event space.

Conversely, for more intimate occasions, we have the cozy VEF Mansards (Attic rooms), thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable atmosphere by our resident Baiba Prindule-Rence | FEJA. We also offer the VEF Conference Hall | Albert, equipped with cutting-edge videoconferencing technology, ideal for hosting meetings and intimate gatherings.

As the year draws to a close, we are excited to announce that, following acoustic and interior design enhancements, the VEF Chamber Hall Spīdola will once again open its doors, welcoming guests from both the corporate and public sectors.

Meeting halls (3)

VEF KAMERZĀLE | SPĪDOLA | | Ieriķu iela 5A
Room capacity (persons)
Banquet 120
Classroom -
Boardroom -
U-shape -
Reception 300
Theatre 200
Room dimensions
Room size (m) -
Room area (m2) 314
Ceiling height (m) 7.00
Floor 1
Natural lighting Yes
VEF MANSARDS | Ieriķu iela 5A
Room capacity (persons)
Banquet 100
Classroom -
Boardroom -
U-shape -
Reception 120
Theatre 120
Room dimensions
Room size (m) -
Room area (m2) 285
Ceiling height (m) 3.20
Floor 2
Natural lighting Yes
CONFERENCE HALL | ALBERTS | Bērzaunes iela 11A
Room capacity (persons)
Banquet 25
Classroom 25
Boardroom 25
U-shape 25
Reception 35
Theatre 30
Room dimensions
Room size (m) -
Room area (m2) 55
Ceiling height (m) 3.75
Floor 2
Natural lighting Yes


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