MEET RĪGA services

MEET RĪGA is the city’s official convention bureau. Our team acts as the first port of call for anyone looking to host meetings, conferences and other events in Riga.

We are delighted to offer:

  • the directory of venues and suppliers,
  • help in finding the right partners and suppliers: venues, hotels, PCOs, DMCs, transport companies, technical service providers, caterers, tour guides, publishers, decorators and more,
  • to arrange site inspections and meetings with local suppliers,
  • promotional materials to be shared at your event,
  • assistance with preparing presentations about Riga,
  • to establish connections with relevant local academic and industry circles,
  • guidance on applying to the financial support scheme for meetings and events in Riga.

Considering Riga as a destination for your next event? Here are some reasons, which we believe make it a solid choice:

  • Accessibility. Delegates can fly direct to Riga International Airport from over 100 destinations. To give you an example, flight times to Riga are: 2 hours 20 minutes from Frankfurt, 1 hour and 5 minutes from Helsinki, and 1 hour and 25 minutes from Copenhagen. 
  • Reliability. Local suppliers are agile, never run out of ideas and strive to deliver a highly personalised service.
  • Tranquillity. Riga identifies as a Northern European capital. Latvia is a member of the European Union and NATO.
  • Aiming for sustainability. Riga joined the Paris Climate Agreement in 2021 and is working towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • Availability of assistance. MEET RĪGA runs a support scheme for meetings and events in Riga, providing grants to qualifying applicants.

Support scheme for meetings and events in Riga

MEET RĪGA runs a support scheme to encourage hosting conferences, congresses, training events and trade shows in Riga. Organisers can apply to receive 20 euro per foreign delegate if the event complies with the following criteria:

  • at least 20 percent of delegates come from abroad,
  • all foreign delegates spend at least one night at an accommodation facility in Riga,
  • the event takes place at a hired venue.

Organisers may also qualify for an additional 10 percent if the event represents a priority industry - information and communications technologies, medicine, biotechnologies or financial services. The same applies if at least 70 percent of foreign delegates are spending three or more nights at Riga accommodation facilities. Co-financing Programme for Business Events » LiveRiga

The scheme is open to legal entities, associations, foundations and higher education establishments registered in Latvia. We invite event organisers from abroad to partner with a local industry representative or the Latvia Convention Bureau.

MEET RĪGA reviews applications within 15 days from the date of submission. Following a positive decision, event organisers sign an agreement, which sets out rules, such as any event marketing materials must refer to the support of MEET RĪGA. Actual funds are transferred after the successful completion of the event.


Intrigued? We have a whole section on what gives Riga and Latvia its unique flair, so you can continue your research.


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