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Cesis is so homey and cozy that a trip here seems like a visit to a kind Latvian granny. This is a place where genuine cordiality and real coziness vibrate in the air; where one can laze a bit and forget about everything else in the world; and where each visitor is welcomed warmly and plied with the tastiest honey-covered bread slices ever. Cesis is not only one of the oldest towns in the country, but also one of the most authentically Latvian towns. Rich in picturesque landscapes and testimonies of the past, Cesis embodies both an intriguing sense of antiquity and modern self-esteem.

The city’s history encompasses the era of the old Vendi tribe, which gave the city its German name, Venden; the events of the year 1206, when the town was first mentioned in chronicles; the era of the Hanseatic League, when even the counsels of the Hanseatic cities in the Baltic region took place here; as well as the period of count Walter von Plettenberg, under whose reign the city prospered. Cesis is also the origin of the red-white-red national flag of Latvia.

Both Cesis and the Cesis district are among the most attractive locations for incentives, seminars, and conferences. The Cesis Castle complex offers different halls in different sizes and styles for seminars, featuring modern presentation equipment. Theatrical performances in the medieval castle will conjure up a romantic atmosphere, getting everyone involved through role-playing, music, and meals. A great complements to incentive activities are bicycling, hiking, and rafting in summer, and skiing in winter, helping you to relax and enjoy the magic of nature.

The modern city of Cesis awaits visitors from far and near to share its aura of antiquity, many attractions and interesting sights, and its signature coziness, letting guests enjoy the town’s hospitality and helping you to reach the goals of your seminar or conference.

Cesis Tourism Development and

Information Center

Pils laukums 9, Cesis LV–4101, Latvia

Phone: +371 6412 1815; +371 2831 8318



Languages: LV, RU, EN, DE

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