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B Bar Restaurant

Doma laukums 2, Rīga
Phone: +371 67 228 842

Venue information


Contemporary Latvian / European


Old Town


Rooms: 3
Seats: 100


Off-site catering and Bar service

B Bar Restaurant is located in Riga's Old Town, where you can enjoy a moment with possibly the best cocktails and food in Riga.

We offer an exclusive selection of European and Latvian cuisines, and choose ingredients that are only produced locally. At our 15m long bar, you can enjoy more than 100 cocktails made by our professional and skilled bartenders.

B Bar Restaurant is an excellent place for the following:

  • Business meetings for serious and intelligent conversations
  • Celebrations - max 100 people
  • Enjoying a wide selection of cocktails made by professionals
  • Holding work related events - seminars, workshops, conferences and also informal parties

During the Summer, our clients prefer the outdoor space. The location right under the Dome Church provides visitors with a historical and unique atmosphere. Additionally, the indoor bar area (40 people) has a view to the church, and the restaurant (30 people) faces Monk Street, which in the 15th century was used by monks as a route to get from the church to the market by the river Daugava. 

B Bar Restaurant offers:

  • Business lunch 12-16
  • Happy Hour 16-19
  • Scandinavian Sunday Brunch 12-15
  • Cocktail workshops

Rooms (3)

B BAR Restaurant (entire venue)
Room capacity (persons)
Banquet 100
Reception 100
Cabaret -
Room dimensions
Room size (m) -
Room area (m2) 115
Ceiling height (m) 3.00
Floor 1
Natural lighting Yes
Central Hall with the view to the Dome Cathedral
Room capacity (persons)
Banquet 30
Reception 60
Cabaret -
Room dimensions
Room size (m) -
Room area (m2) 70
Ceiling height (m) 4.00
Floor 1
Natural lighting Yes
Restaurant Hall
Room capacity (persons)
Banquet 40
Reception 40
Cabaret -
Room dimensions
Room size (m) -
Room area (m2) 45
Ceiling height (m) 3.00
Floor 1
Natural lighting Yes


  • Summer terrace
  • Stage
  • Dancing floor
  • DJ space
  • Lounge zone
  • Audio player
Off-site Catering and full Bar service
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